The following changes occurred during the voyage. Given technological limitations, all of these changes are not be reflected in the Field Programs below.

  • The Port of Casablanca, Morocco was cancelled.

  • The Ports of Barcelona, Spain and Lisbon, Portugal were extended.

  • A one-day stop in the port of Gibraltar, UK was added.

  • The Port of Dublin, Ireland was replaced with Greenock, Scotland.

  • The Port of Gdansk, Poland was replaced with Copenhagen, Denmark.


(Please note, not all programs may fit into one of these categories. Programs may also be designated with more than one category icon.)


Field Programs marked with this icon are go, go, go! The itineraries are fuller and may feature longer travel times. These programs allow voyagers to see a lot without having to worry about logistics.

"Lean In" Icon


Field Programs marked with this icon represent our most meaningful and unique experiences that invite voyagers to engage deeply! These may include but are not limited to homestays, meals with a family, experiences with local organizations, or hands-on workshops.

(Please note, Lean-In program options may currently be more limited due to COVID-19 safety restrictions)


Field Programs marked with this icon include more intense physical activity, such as longer-duration hiking or biking. Voyagers should consider their own level of comfort with these types of activities when exploring a Strenuous program.

(Please reach out to the Field Office if you would like support in selecting programs that meet your needs and abilities! )