Fall 2024 Voyagers may register for Field Programs and review all Field Program-related information and policies in their Voyager Portal - "In Port" tab. 


(Please note, not all programs may fit into one of these categories. Programs may also be designated with more than one category icon.)


Field Programs marked with this icon are go, go, go! The itineraries are fuller and may feature longer travel times. These programs allow voyagers to see a lot without having to worry about logistics. 

"Lean In" Icon


Field Programs marked with this icon represent our most meaningful and unique experiences that invite voyagers to engage deeply! These may include but are not limited to homestays, meals with a family, experiences with local organizations, hands-on workshops, or visits to powerful sites that stretch one's comfort zone.


Field Programs marked with this icon include more intense physical activity, such as longer-duration hiking or biking. Voyagers should consider their own level of comfort with these types of activities when exploring a Strenuous program. 

(Please reach out to the Field Office if you would like support in selecting programs that meet your needs and abilities! )

***Please note, the voyage and program itineraries & inclusions are subject to change given evolving COVID-19 policies & procedures.***

There are inherent challenges with sailing to multiple countries over the course of a semester. Flexibility is required on behalf of the program and our voyagers. Itineraries are subject to changes leading up to, and during, the voyage. Reasons may include global  or local health, safety or political concerns; weather or natural disasters; ship mechanical difficulty, or medical emergencies. In the event of an itinerary diversion, all voyagers will be briefed on the situation as soon as possible. For Fall 2024, possible contingency ports include: Cadiz, Spain; Malaga, Spain; Las Palmas, Canary Islands, Spain; Walvis Bay, Namibia; Mombasa, Kenya; Victoria, Seychelles; Male, Maldives; Penang, Malaysia; and Singapore. These contingency ports are subject to change if they do not meet requirements and other ports not listed are also possible substitutions.